Feature Requests

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  1. View workflow emails without pausing workflow

    View workflow emails without needing to pause the workflow

    Meagan Entoft
    #Improvement ✨#Workflows / Automations 🔃


  2. Survey / Poll / Quiz

    Introduce a poll/survey/quiz feature to emails and forms

    Meagan Entoft
    #Emails ✉️#New feature ⭐️#Forms/Link in bio ☑️


  3. Thrivecart integration

    Meagan Entoft
    #Integrations 🔗


  4. Recurring payments / Subscriptions

    Ability to accept recurring/subscription type payments for Checkout

    Meagan Entoft
    #New feature ⭐️#Checkout / E-Commerce 🛒


  5. Media library of uploads

    Sometimes I am using an icon or I have the same photo I want to use in more than one spot or in a future piece, it would be nice to have a library of all the images or docs we have uploaded to choose from instead of having to always upload from our computer.

    Petra M
    #Editor ✏️#Branding 🎨


  6. Ability to go through workflow more than once

    Ability for a subscriber to go through a workflow again after they've completed it

    Meagan Entoft
    #Improvement ✨#Workflows / Automations 🔃


  7. Calendar view of sent/scheduled emails

    Ability to see calendar of when emails have been sent / dates they're scheduled to send on. Ability to click into the emails to view analytics.

    Petra M
    #Emails ✉️#New feature ⭐️


  8. ★ Trigger Workflows Based On Level Of Subscriber's Engagement

    The ability to automatically trigger a workflow based on the level of a subscriber's engagement (or trigger a workflow based on anything other than just a segment) within FloDesk is crucial for several reasons, especially when managing a large newsletter subscriber base. Let's say I have a newsletter with 17,000 subscribers and I notice that 2,000 of them are not frequently engaging or opening my emails, I should be able to set up a workflow to address this, and eventually unsubscribe them in order to keep my open rates high - but I cannot. This is a feature available on almost any other email automation platform. Here are some key points: Improving Email Deliverability Open Rates: High engagement rates signal to email service providers that your content is valuable, which can improve your overall deliverability rates. Automatically targeting disengaged subscribers can help boost your open rates by focusing on those who are most likely to interact with your content. Sender Reputation: Regularly engaging with your audience helps maintain a positive sender reputation. Continuously sending emails to unengaged subscribers can harm this reputation, leading to your emails being marked as spam. Enhancing Subscriber Experience Personalized Content: By identifying and targeting disengaged subscribers, you can send personalized re-engagement campaigns. These can include special offers, exclusive content, or surveys to understand their preferences better. ★ List Hygiene: Regularly cleaning your list ensures that you are only sending emails to those who want to receive them. This practice respects your subscribers' inboxes and maintains a healthy relationship with your audience. Optimizing Campaign Performance Higher Engagement Rates: Removing inactive subscribers from your list helps to increase your overall engagement metrics, such as open rates and click-through rates. This data is critical for assessing the success of your campaigns and making data-driven decisions. Improved ROI: By focusing your efforts on engaged subscribers, you can potentially increase conversions and sales. Engaged subscribers are more likely to interact with your calls to action, leading to better campaign outcomes. Automated Workflows for Re-engagement Targeted Campaigns: Automated workflows allow you to create re-engagement campaigns that are triggered when a subscriber's engagement level drops. These campaigns can include reminders, incentives, or requests for feedback to re-engage subscribers. ★ Automated Unsubscription: If re-engagement efforts fail, automated workflows can also handle the unsubscription process. This helps maintain a clean list without manual intervention, saving time and effort.

    Myke M
    #Workflows / Automations 🔃#Audience 👥#Deal Breaker 💔


  9. Schedule resend to unopens

    Ability to schedule resend to unopens, instead of having to manually complete the action after 24 hours

    Meagan Entoft
    #Emails ✉️#New feature ⭐️


  10. A Forward to a Friend Button

    I would love to easily add an invitation to just click a button to forward the email to a friend they think would like the email or our organization :) I know they can forward it anyway, but a button with a specific invitation always makes people more apt to do so.

    #Improvement ✨#Emails ✉️


  11. See How Any Subscriber Originally Joined List (via What Form or Integration)

    Not sure if this exists, but if it does can't find it. It would be useful data to understand the 1st action any subscriber took to join the list originally so I can know what attracted them in the first place if they become clients later.

    Annie F
    #Improvement ✨#Audience 👥#Analytics 📊


  12. AB Testing for emails

    Allow for subject line testing

    Meagan Entoft
    #Emails ✉️#New feature ⭐️


  13. Multiple logos/brands

    Ability to have multiple brands/logos within a single Flodesk account

    Meagan Entoft
    #New feature ⭐️#Branding 🎨


  14. Edit email before resend

    Ability to edit the content of an email before resending to unopens

    Meagan Entoft
    #Improvement ✨#Emails ✉️


  15. Facebook/Meta pixel

    Support Facebook/Meta pixel on Flodesk forms/Checkout

    Petra M
    #Integrations 🔗#Forms/Link in bio ☑️